Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

There are hundreds of reasons to hire a private investigator; from investigating suspected insurance fraud or infidelity, to locating missing persons, to electronic countermeasures, and executive, personal, and dignitary protection. To find a private investigator, you can look in the Dex yellow pages or look on the Internet as more and more have their own web sites. You can make your choice based upon a myriad of criteria - from alphabetical order to an agency name and logo, or to location.  How are you to know?

Client Confidentiality and Privacy

Emerald City Investigators will protect all client information. We will not allow such information that pertains to our client, a client's identity, or the subject of an investigation, to be viewed or known by anyone other than our direct client. Such confidential and protected information will not be available to anyone other than the client without the consent and permission of the client.

We do not accept cases that have a conflict of interest to our clients. We are obligated by state law not to divulge information about our clients, the subject of an investigation, or otherwise to any other party unless ordered to do so by a court of law. If such a conflict of interest should arise, we would decline any case where there is a conflict of interest to the client without disclosing the reason for declining the case.

Do you guarantee your work?

We do guarantee our work, but we cannot always guarantee that the results of an investigation or search will provide you with information for a specific or desired outcome. We present you with all the facts and information collected, whether photo, video, or written statement. Please be aware that while the information has been found reliable, it may not be guaranteed.  We always keep our client informed about the progress of an investigation and the need for any additional searches or records.

Insurance professionals and attorneys have it easier than individuals because they are likely hire a particular investigative agency based upon the recommendation of a colleague. Besides, they are literally surrounded by investigators because their profession often requires intense investigative discovery.  Most people, however, have to rely upon impressions they get from interviewing an investigator, advice from their own attorney, and instinct when deciding the when, where, and who. We recommend using the same care as when hiring a professional service provider. Being careful and understanding the risks will allow you to have a more effective and useful relationship with your private investigator.

Once you have hired a Private Detective, your entire relationship is based upon an exchange of information, but this is by no means a one-way street.

It’s absolutely vital that you share as much information about the subject of your investigation as you possibly can.  Withholding key bits of information very often has serious adverse effects on the investigation.  Among other things, it unduly draws out the ‘discovery’ time for information you already have.  If the investigator doesn’t ‘discover’ your withheld information when you think they should have, it could unduly cause you to doubt the investigator’s thoroughness or capabilities.  You owe it to yourself to inform your investigator well and thereby giving them the opportunity to optimize their investigative efforts.  Otherwise, you could be wasting your own money.

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