Court and Public Record Research 

Records Research: Ensure you get the best results with Emerald City Investigations investigations.

Court Research

Our court research service provides information about criminal and civil cases, but does not offer information about sealed, non-served domestic violence, mental health, juvenile, or probate cases. We provide name, date of birth, street address, criminal offense (if applicable), docket entries, and more. We also provide information about misdemeanors, felonies, civil litigation, divorce, traffic, and possible property descriptions. 

Public records

Public records are, well, public. Anyone with enough time and motivation can do public records research. Why hire a public investigator to look into public records for you?

  1. Time. You're busy. Finding the information you need in public records research is very often tedious and time-consuming. We don't mind taking the time to do the job right. It's our career.
  2. Effort. Very often, an Internet search, or even a trip to the library or courthouse won't yield any results worth mentioning, or will yield so many results you don't know what to do with them. We're professionals; we know how to expand or refine the parameters of a search and sift through the information we receive until we find the records and information that is important.
  3. Expertise. We know exactly which resources to use. We have access to information that, while public, is often difficult to access without a lot of time, effort, or connections. Your investigation will be processed through the best resources, and managed by experienced professionals every step of the way.

Why use Emerald City Investigators? We get results. We get it done in a way that will exceed all your expectations.

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