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Background Checks | Pre-employment Screening & Usefulness

Types of Background and Pre-employment Checks

There are a variety of types of investigative searches that can be used by potential employers. Many commercial sites, will offer specific searches to employers for a fee. Services like these will actually perform the background checks, supply the company with adverse action letters, and ensure compliance throughout the process.

Many employers choose to search the most common records such as criminal records, driving records, and education verification. Other searches such as sex offender registry, credential verification, reference checks, credit reports and Patriot Act searches are becoming increasingly common. Employers should consider the position in question when determining which types of searches to include, and should always use the same searches for every applicant being considered for one position.

Records available to us as private investigators are not the same set of records that law enforcement uses. Private investigators are not strapped like police agencies when conducting background searches. When we conduct an online investigation or a background check we can compile more complete and more accurate records than many government agencies.

Background Check

Background check is a generic term for the process of acquiring information on an individual through third-party services, government organizations and private individuals in the hopes of making a determination on the future actions of an individual based on past actions. While the information can include potentially anything about the individual's employment, credit, or past history, the most common usage refers to criminal records. Information gathered in a background check can be abused and used to commit identity theft. The right to request background checks is enforced by the Patriot Act, as well as other Federal laws which surround the right of organizations to pursue information to make financial determinations before submitting to contracts.

Background checks are:

Background Investigation

Clients Types for Background Investigation and Background Check:

Pre-employment Screening & Usefulness

The Employee Screening provided by Emerald City Investigators. can help you implement pre-screening exercising pre-employment screening for due diligence. This allows any hiring manager access to background information on applicants; candidates and current employees for annul audits. Informed hiring decisions will result in a high quality workforce - the foundation of any successful organization.

Pre-employment screening

Pre-employment screening is used by many businesses to verify the accuracy of applicants’ employment history, educational history, and credentials, as well as confirming the lack of criminal history, workers compensation claims, and sanctions. Employment screening is using public or private records and investigation to confirm or disprove the accuracy of an applicants resume. Because of the potential sensitivity of the information uncovered, employment screening is subject to a unique set of laws and regulations to protect consumers in the event of misuse of data or fraud.


Employment screening can be a practical, low-cost way to significantly reduce employee theft and dishonesty and notably increase productivity and safety. Certain industries require background checks on all employees. Examples include the banking, financial, and security industries, transportation industries, childcare, healthcare, and teaching industries, police, law enforcement, and certain military positions. The level of background investigation may vary from industry to industry or position to position. Employers who actively screen their applicants before hiring also face less liability in the event of a workplace accident or crime. Pre-employment screening is a primary way of eliminating or minimizing negligent hiring liability.

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